How to Sponsor a School

Children Immunization Foundation (CIF) provides life saving Hepatitis "B" vaccination to poor and needy children in rural parts of India. As we all know that more than half the population in India make less than $ 2.00/day, how can parents of those unfortunate children afford a full course of Hepatitis vaccine that costs Rs. 900.00. Full course of Hepatitis "B" requires three doses within six months.
The CIF has established a policy that if someone sponsors a school in India, CIF will help up to 50% of the total costs. The total costs include cost of medicine, supplies, administrative and management of the camp. Please see complete list of the school where CIF has provided Hepatitis 'B" vaccines so far at our Home Page.
If you are interested please provide following information or for any questions, contact:

Contact To:

1. USA Office

Address : 12331 Quince Valley Drive,
                North Potomac, MD 20878 USA

Phone:     +1240-855-3317
E-mail: and

2. India Office

Address:  Aluminum Factory Campus
                Naya Bazar
                Buxar-802101, Bihar, India

Phone:    +919431084223

Information Needed:

  1. Address of the School
  2. Number of children and their age Groups
  3. A letter describing items 1 and 2 above from a authorized person who is responsible for funding
  4. Schedule for first dose will be discussed. After first dose, 2nd and 3rd dose scheduled are planned automatic
  5. After first meeting, estimated fund will be donated in USA or in India