About Us

DC Immunization Welfare Center (DCIWC) shares the heartwarming feeling derived from helping poor children lead healthy lives. DCIWC received tax-exempt status in December 2003 and since then it is providing vaccination every month to poor and needy children. The purpose of the DC Immunization Welfare Center (DCIWC) is to provide vaccination not limited to measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), diphtheria, polio, tetanus (DPT), whooping cough, and hepatitis B, through organized events to poor and needy children free of cost who cannot otherwise afford them. DCIWC has initiated activities in the state of Bihar, India, where children rarely receive immunization due to poor economic conditions and lack of education. Knowledge of immunization is far beyond many parents in the poorer areas of India. The Washington Post recently reported that 57% of women in India give birth at home attended by untrained health care providers. DCIWC's goal is to reach out to those parents and educate them about the importance of vaccination.