Message From the Director

Hello my name is Duli Agarwal. I am a Board member and Director of the DC Immunization Welfare Center (DCIWC) doing business as Children Immunization Foundation (CIF). Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and clean drinking water and lack of education are major public health problems in India. The estimated HBV carrier rate in India is 4 percent, with a total pool of approximately 40 million carriers. The virus is blood- borne and spreads through bodily fluids. Although many people have access to most other vaccinations, Hepatitis B vaccinations are very expensive and are not easily accessible, especially in rural areas. More than 600,000 Indians die each year due to complications from Hepatitis B. Lack of clean drinking water creates overall unhealthy population in India. Root of all diseases is lack of health education. The CIF has set four goals to improve health of younger generation which are future of the country. Goals are: 1. Provide Hepatitis “B” vaccines in schools, communities; (2) Educating children and their parents via health awareness seminars including CIVID-19 information specially how to control COVID-19 pandemic; (3) install purified water system in schools; and (4) promote clean India.

I came from a small town located in Bihar, India to USA in 1980 and since then I go India periodically to witness CIF activities. People, who have read about Bihar or go to Bihar, they know that Bihar is one of the poorest states in India where more than half of the population make less than $ 2.00 a day and more than 50% population is practically illiterate. I was always thinking how I can help to poor and needy children who are future of the country. In 2003, with the help of my co-workers and friends, we founded a tax-exempt charitable organization known as DCIWC dba CIF with the vision “Vaccinate the Children, Save the Future”.

Please consider making a gift of $10.00 and change lives of children preventing them from a deadly disease like Hepatitis ‘B” (three doses). Your contribution will also help to minimize other diseases by providing clean drinking water. Your donation not only helps a child but helps a child's family by educating to improve health of the whole household. As a donor, you can learn how you can sponsor a school or a purified water system at this website.

If you are a federal government employee, the CIF is listed under the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) # 11567. The CIF is one of many International Independent organizations which are eligible to receive donations under CFC. The CIF is recognized as one of the “Best” charities in America by the America’s Best Charities organization. The CIF is member of Children’s Medical & Research Charities. We are approved by the United States Office of Personnel Management for donation under CFC, Tax exempt Section 501(c)(3) organization under US Internal Revenue Service, and registered in the State of Maryland, USA.

The CIF is working continuously to improve the lives of children. We need your help. Without caring people like you, none of this possible. On behalf of the CIF, I would like to thank all of you in advance for your continued support. Your gift will provide a bright future for kids in rural parts of India. Thank you.