How we work

DC Immunization Welfare Center (DCIWC) doing business as Children Immunization Foundation (CIF) has approved bylaws and has eight board members who oversee management of the CIF and three advisors. All board members and advisors are volunteers. The board meets periodically as needed and establishes all policies for operating CIF. A volunteer group of people residing in Buxar, Bihar, India oversees our project. This group is comprised of doctors, businessmen, and service people. This group has the full support from the highest local Government/ administrative authority of city of Buxar. This group sends monthly statements of expense report, camps pictures and local newspaper articles describing activities related to the CIF. Also the Director of the CIF calls every month to India to discuss status, budget, issues and concerns. We believe these steps are enough at this time. The CIF sends funds via bank transfer (documented) and these funds are used only for supporting CIF goals. Our goal is to provide vaccinations to needy and poor children. If a family income is less than Indian Rupees 25,000.00 (US $ 550.00) per year, a child is eligible to receive immunization from CIF. Although it is very difficult to verify income in India but based on this criterion, the CIF sponsors school in a low-income villages and provides vaccines to those children. Prior to give vaccines to children, a small team (1-2 members) contacts school, head of the village and doctor if there is a doctor in that village to discuss why vaccines are important? After that a agreement form is given to principal of the school to notify parents and get their permission to give vaccine to their children. This criterion has been approved by our Board of Directors.

As we said above, currently, the CIF is providing vaccinations to sponsored schools in low-income areas. CIF conducts camps each month except June and July when schools are closed (see pictures in Photo Gallery of this website). But due to lack of funds, we cannot provide Hepatitis “B” or other vaccines to all poor children of India. CIF overhead charges are less than 10%. This means that whatever donations the CIF receives go directly to poor and needy children. All reports of activities, financial reports and audit reports are posted on this website. Audits are conducted by registered CPA firm in Maryland.

CIF management believes that we have a good system and are trying to make it very cost effective operation. We also believe that our approach, process of running the organization and minimum overhead has clear advantage over other similar organizations. We spend almost all dollars collected directly on needy children.